Truce at Bakura

No sooner has Darth Vader’s funeral pyre burned to ashes on Endor than the Alliance faces a new challenge at the far-flung Imperial outpost of Bakura. The Ssi-ruuk, a race of cold-blooded reptilian invaders, plan to enslave human minds to pilot their invincible machines of war and destruction. With the hope of turning Bakura’s loyalties toward the fledgling New Republic with defensive aid, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia race to the besieged planet. Yet, as the eve of the final onslaught rapidly approaches, Rebel and Imperial forces still must come to terms with each other. And there is already evidence of a traitor hidden in their midst…


Bantam Spectra, 1993
ISBN 0-553-09541-2 (paperback)
ISBN 0-553-56872-8 (hardcover)
London: Bantam Books, 1994
Barcelona: Martinez Roca, 1994
Munich: Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1994
Budapest: Valhalla Paholy, 1994
Tokyo: Take Shobo, 1994
Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Amber, 1995
Milan: Sperlin Paperbacks, 1996
U. S. Reissue: New York: Bantam Spectra, 1997
Amsterdam: Meulenhoff BV, 1998