Kathy Tyers is now on Facebook

The official Kathy Tyers fan page is now up on Facebook. Go and “Like” her to receive updates and photos from her life, writing, and gardening. Look forward to seeing you there.

Go to Kathy’s Facebook page.

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  1. Sam December 11, 2015 at 7:00 pm #

    Brouwer’s site lists eight books in the Winds of Light sreeis. Maybe two books were added later? I never saw the sreeis in its first form, only as the single book Magnus, and then as The Orphan King, so I’m not positive if The Orphan King content is comparable to the first book in the Winds of Light sreeis. Interestingly, Brouwer only has the Winds of Light listed on his website none of the other forms of the book. I’d like to know the story behind all these changes. By the way, I’m glad you chimed in, because it’s interesting to hear from someone who did read the very first version of the sreeis.

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