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New Firebird Novels Coming At Last

The dream that wouldn’t let go—


We’re delighted to announce that Marcher Lord Press will release a “deluxe, author’s preferred edition of the Firebird trilogy in one volume,” to be followed by two additional novels set in the Firebird universe.


From the Marcher Lord press release:

As publisher and acquisitions editor, Jeff Gerke [Marcher Lord Press Founder and Publisher] long pursued Tyers, trying to sign her for Marcher Lord Press. But in the end it was the Marcher Lord Press authors and books, not Gerke’s efforts, that swayed Tyers’s heart.


The Firebird Trilogy, Annotated Edition

Writing notes, word derivations, genealogies, and where to find some of the music that inspired scenes and melodies mentioned in the Firebird trilogy—along with the entire text, freshly edited by the author.



Wind and Shadow

Wind Haworth was just a child when her people, once known as Shuhr, were defeated as the Sentinels thwarted their plan to conquer the Whorl. Taken offworld and educated at the Sentinel College, Wind has chosen to return and work for peace.

She asks priest-in-training Kiel Caldwell for help, but Kiel has barely set foot on Wind’s desolate world when he is kidnapped by a powerful shadow entity, which thinks Kiel might be his family’s prophesied messiah. It would rather corrupt him than kill him—for the moment.

The Federacy sends a Special Operations team, including Kiel’s brother Kinnor. Kinnor would gladly deal out justice to his old enemies, the conquered Shuhr. But the Shuhr don’t have Kiel, and the Sentinel occupation force is about to be wiped out—not by their ancient enemies, but by their Federate allies—unless Kinnor can work alongside his natural enemy and connatural potential mate, Wind Haworth.




For fourteen generations, the Sentinel remnant has believed that its survival rests on ancient Messianic promises. If this is the time, are they doomed?

Tallan medical student Meris Cariole is stranded on the Sentinels’ perilous sanctuary world, and a stellar catastrophe has left the respected elder Brennen Caldwell near death from radiation poisoning. Jorah Caldwell, on his first mission with his father Kinnor, gets caught up in a devious plot to convince the Federacy that he—personally!—is the long prophesied Boh-Dabar.

But is he really? There is another claimant. Shamarr Kiel Caldwell must discern who is Boh-Dabar and who is the impostor—and whether the kindred must flee into a new exile.

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