Kathy Tyers is the author of the Firebird series – Firebird, Fusion Fire, Crown of Fire, Wind and Shadow, and Daystar – of the stand-alone science fiction novels Shivering World, Crystal Witness, and One Mind’s Eye – and the Star Wars universe novels Truce at Bakura and New Jedi Order: Balance Point.

It’s character-driven science fiction with a deep heart and an inquiring spirit, stories that are accessible and thought-provoking. Explore the links below for more information!


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Kathy Tyers’s Wind and Shadow is a riveting and imaginative tale that will keep you strapped securely in the Whorl until you’ve read the last page – and then you’ll want to read it again just so you can go back to the world she’s created.

-Elizabeth Goddard, author of The Camera Never Lies, a 2011 Carol Award winner