Crystal Witness is Being Re-released

Kathy’s third published novel—CRYSTAL WITNESS, originally released by Bantam Books in 1989—is returning with a gorgeous new cover in June 2020!

From the back cover notes:

When Ming Dalamani awakens from twenty years of suspended animation, she recalls only fragments of her former life: the life she led before she was arrested by the governing interplanetary corporation, Renasco, for a now unremembered crime. Relocated to an alien world far from the only home she has ever known, Ming serves a powerful Renasco employee to repay her debt. But daily she lives with deadly threats …  and in a universe where even her own past is a mystery, Ming must decide where her loyalties lie.

And in major news, THE LONG SILENCE—a sequel to CRYSTAL WITNESS—is now under contract to Enclave Publishing! It’s well underway as of spring 2020. Watch for a release date right here, at

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