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Shivering World Re-Release

A note from Kathy:

Of all the novels I published, Shivering World required the most research and scientific speculation, and I’ve always been proud of it. It’s great to see it ready for re-release, with evocative new cover art. A huge thanks to Enclave Publishing!

Shivering World Reviews:

“Tyers has a degree in microbiology, and her affinity for it shows. … She handles the expansion of the faith content with a light but sure touch. The detailed world she crafts on Goddard is an oft-complicated but also absorbing one. … offerings such as this … are sorely needed.”

-Publishers Weekly

“Kathy does a splendid speculative job on several themes of particular interest to me, including the ethical dilemmas of human gene manipulation. I quickly became involved in her characters, and she did a fine job of maintaining suspense as to their assorted fates right up to the last chapter. … She handles a big cast here, including the perennial problem of realistic villains, with great panache. … a splendid read, both realistic and engaging.”

—Lois McMaster Bujold, multiple Nebula and Hugo Award winning SF author


“Shivering World is an intricate web of deceit, hope, treachery, and love, packed with adventure and wonderful new ideas. I didn’t even try to put it down.”

—Jerry Oltion, Nebula Award winning SF author


“This novel presents sophisticated Christian science fiction, in the better senses of both genres. … Tyers’s degree in microbiology is readily evident, as is her extensive research into the complexities of terraforming … in this intricately complex exploration of human motivation. Ultimately a satisfying read.”

—Voice of Youth Advocates


“…conflict enough to drive any two ordinary novels.”

—Analog Magazine


“Gripping and exciting. Tyers knows her craft. …Shivering World is a hard book to put down, and once you finish the story, it will be even harder to forget.”

—In the Library Reviews


“Tyers is a genius at ratcheting up the stakes and layering the tension thick and high. The characters are gripping, the plot arresting, the storytelling impeccable. This book begs a sequel.”

—Romantic Times Book Club (top pick)


“You’ll be ‘shivering’ with excitement throughout this thrill of a new novel.”

—Living Light News Online


ForeWord Magazine: Honorable mention, Book of the Year Award

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  1. Kent Scantlin March 14, 2019 at 7:50 pm #

    I am reading Shivering World now, and I love it! I have been looking for some meaty science fiction, and I finally found some with this book.

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