Shivering World Re-Released with New Cover Art

Kathy’s science fiction novel Shivering World is being re-released by Enclave Books with stunning new cover art.

Shivering World is a little different from most of Kathy’s books. Most of her work, including the two licensed Star Wars © novels, would be called “space opera” – action/adventure in outer space. Shivering World is “hard science fiction,” with realistic science and a scientific problem to be solved if the characters are to survive. Shivering World takes place on a planet where bare rock is being seeded with organisms to slowly convert it to soil, while atmospheric modifications gradually warm the world to make it open-air habitable for the colonists.

Except that it has suddenly started getting colder, and treachery is suspected. Young soils microbiologist Graysha Brady-Phillips gets caught in a conflict regarding illegal genetic engineering, unanticipated planetary cooling, and a surprising romance.

Here’s a pre-order link.

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